Building Your Dream

Property Construction and Renovation

Do you think you need a more spacious kitchen? Do you want to have a new room where your children can play? Entrust your house facelift to a general contractor that will really value your investment. If you are looking for outstanding construction and real estate development services, count on the experts from Nickles Builders in Lima, OH. Let us help you revamp your interior and exterior spaces and add a unique feel to your property that will warmly welcome you home.

Our Services Include:

Bath Remodeling
Ceramic Remodeling
Desks, Terraces, and Siding Services
Electrical Work
Home Improvement
Home Maintenance
Interior Finish and Painting
Kitchen Remodeling


Add Value to Your Property

Renovate in style and boost your property’s value today. Whether you need space-saving renovations or property extensions, trust our experienced builders to create an exceptional personalized space done in a timely
manner. Call (419) 230-0868 today and let us enhance your property’s curb appeal.